CMPE 470 Computer Performance Evaluation    Fall 2010   (A course offered by NETLAB)

Description: (3 Credits) Systematic approach to computer performance evaluation. Measurement techniques and tools.
Analytical techniques. Queueing models. Simulation. Experimental design and analysis. Case studies.

Prerequisite: Senior standing in CmpE.


Instructor: Cem Ersoy, Office: 44, Tel: 359 6861, E-mail:

Teaching Assistant: Bilgin Kosucu, Office: 46, Tel: 359 7125, E-mail:

Time and Place: Monday 14:00-14:50 and Tuesday 9:00-10:50 at A3

Web Page:
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Quiz and Homeworks 9%
Mandatory Project 25% (Depending on the class size, there may be presentations)
1. Midterm (25 October 2010) 18%
2. Midterm (6 December 2010) 18%
Final (   January 2011) 30%

Attendance : You should not miss more than four classes (one or two hours)!

Important Note: Please note that the dates of all exams are posted here. Last minute (week) requests for changing these dates will not be considered!