C. Ersoy, A. Levi and O. Gümrah, “Comparison of Heuristics and Artificial Intelligence Search Techniques for Discrete Link Capacity Assignment in Prioritized Multiservice Networks,” International Journal of Computer Systems Science & Engineering, Vol.15, No:3, pp. 191-197, May 2000

Abstract - In this paper, the discrete link capacity assignment problem for multiservice networks is considered. The discreteness of the link capacities is forced by the telecommunications equipment technology and vendors. Here, the designer is required to find the cheapest capacity assignment while satisfying the perfor-mance constraints for different classes of data originated by multiple services offered on the network. In order to solve this difficult optimization problem, two algorithms based on artificial intelligence search techniques, simulated annealing and genetic algorithms, are proposed. Performance of these methods are compared to a successful heuristic by Maruyama and Tang. The distinction between competing techniques becomes clearer as the network gets larger.

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