E. Cayirci and C. Ersoy, “Cell grouping in PCS networks,” Proceedings of the Ninth IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, Mobile Radio
Communications (PIMRC’98), Boston, September 1998.

Abstract - Personal mobility and terminal mobility which are viable through wireless access to the communication networks are the most fundamental goals of Personal Communication Services (PCS). The technology needed for the wireless access in PCS networks is generally provided by the cellular networks and Intelligent Networks (IN). In cellular networks, the Wireless Mobile Terminals (WMT) communicate with Base Stations (BS) which convey the messages among the WMTs and Switching Centers (SC). SCs and BSs are usually wired to the upper layers of the communication network. In this paper, we briefly review PCS and then propose an algorithm which determines the number of SCs and the BSs attached to the determined SCs in a network for which BS information together with the traffic requirements are given. While the algorithm produces these solutions, it also satisfies some constraints determined by the network designers such as the maximum capacities and the minimum utilization for the SCs.

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